The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Small Business Directory (SBD) contains business application forms of small businesses offering a variety of services, such as research and development, fabrication and machining capabilities, and distribution.

Applications contain valuable marketing data utilized by MSFC procurement and technical personnel, while performing market research, as well as by the Marshall Prime Contractor Supplier Council (MPCSC) member companies.

Application and Instructions

  • Please complete all sections of the Vendor Application Form.
  • You are limited to one page only.
  • If you go beyond one page it WILL BE cut off and will not appear past the one page mark.
  • When you fill this out we ask that you DO NOT change the format. The font needs to stay Calibri, size 10.
  • When you have completed and filled out the form you will need to send it to Cheryl Webb at


Additionally, there is a NASA vendor data base that was created to track all vendors interested in doing business with NASA, and consolidates every Center’s data base into one. NASA employees can utilize the data base to perform market research, and allows for emailing of special events and announcements to all businesses registered in the system.

To register, go to the following web site: