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Marshall Space Flight Center

America is poised for the next wave of human exploration into our solar system, and Marshall Space Flight Center’s capabilities and experience are essential to nearly every facet of NASA’s mission of exploration and discovery. Marshall has been solving complex technical problems for almost six decades, advancing technologies and developing science instruments and complex space systems.

Founded July 1, 1960, Marshall is one of NASA’s largest field centers with a total workforce of nearly 6,000 employees and an annual budget of approximately $2.8 billion. Through leadership in complex engineering, technology development and scientific research, Marshall makes human space exploration possible.


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International Space Station

The International Space Station is a unique, Earth-orbiting platform that enables researchers from all over the world to put their talents to work on innovative science experiments paving the way for future deep space exploration missions.

The Payload Operations Integration Center at Marshall coordinates and integrates all scientific and commercial experiments on the station, as well as Earth-to-station science communications, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Space Launch System

NASA’s Space Launch System is an advanced launch vehicle that will provide the foundation for human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit. With unprecedented power and capabilities, SLS is the only rocket that can send the Orion spacecraft, astronauts and supplies to the Moon in a single launch.



Marshall manages NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. The space agency’s premiere site for the manufacture and assembly of large-scale space structures and systems, Michoud is one of the largest such facilities in the world, with 43 acres of manufacturing space under one roof.


Solar System and Beyond

Marshall scientists conduct a wide spectrum of space science research seeking to better understand the universe and to unlock scientific mysteries that will improve and protect life on Earth.

Marshall designed, developed, constructed and continues to support NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory — the world’s most powerful X-ray telescope